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Wilson Fibre®

The Production of Bioenergy

Wilson Bio-Chemical is dedicated to providing energy solutions which will positively contribute to creating a sustainable future and a roadmap for a transition into a circular economy. Through Wilson Fibre®, we will redefine the bioenergy market and provide an efficient, environmentally sustainable production of biomass. Wilson Bio-Chemical transforms municipal solid waste into bio-fuels and other high value chemicals, meeting demands and performance expectations without the carbon impact of using fossil fuels,.

The Micro Fibre Production Plant

Our micro autoclave fibre production plant is based at the Biorenewables Development Centre in York, England.

This unit was built to produce fibre for Research and Development projects and the micro autoclave can be used to test and process any variety of waste streams. As part of your trial, a full chemical analysis of the fibre can be arranged.  

Please get in touch to arrange a trial.

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